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A few links to sites I like/know/use:

  • Gentoo
    The version of linux I use whenever I can
  • Bibble
    RAW conversion software I use for my photos on this site - runs on Linux.
  • DigiKam
    Photo organiser for the KDE desktop - excellent for aiding your fading memory when you can't remember where you took that photo, or who is in it.
This site:
  • ukhost4u
    This sites hosting company. If you want a Linux based hoster for a reasonable price have a look here. Even if they haven't figured out what .co.uk is for.
  • Coppermine
    Providers of the gallery software, it may have its quirks, but it's doing the job. And it's free. Read here to look at all the good stuff I might get if the hosters ever get 'round to offering an upgrade.